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Tummy Tuck

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What A Tummy Tuck Can Do For You

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a Tummy Tuck, is the cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens and repairs torn (confirm)  abdominal muscles.

It also removes fat and loose skin from the mid-section enhancing muscle tone.

People who have experienced drastic weight loss whether through pregnancies, dieting or exercise, a Tummy Tuck will help to regain your original body or help you transform into your ideal body shape.


Why Tummy Tuck is the Right Option for You

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Exercise and diet will help you to lose weight, but it they cannot fix loose skin in most cases. Sometimes we have to put things into our own hands and use the advancements in cosmetic surgery to achieve our ideal form. A Tummy Tuck is a standard medical procedure that can positively impact your appearance and kickstart your health revolution.

The amount of satisfaction that you may have been able to feel when you carried your child and delivered he or she into this world is insurmountable. Yet, reaching your pinnacle of health and beauty should not be overlooked. Feel and look as beautiful as you ever did and enjoy the magic of being a mother.

If you have undergone surgery on your abdomen for whatever reason, the scars from those procedures can be diminished or completely disappear with abdominoplasty. A smooth stomach that will fill you with pride at the beach or pool is closer than you think. No more living in fear of of wearing less.

Where to Have Your Tummy Tuck Done

At Your New Look Dr. Sayeg and his team of hand-picked cosmetic professionals are prepared to take you from start to finish on a life-changing voyage to a more ideal you. Achieve what you have dreaming about for years, a flatter stomach, smooth lines, and a brighter confidence. Shine from the inside out with a Tummy Tuck that will show how you have been feeling for years. Let the experts at Your New Look be a part of the new way you look at yourself!


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